A downloadable game for Windows

This is a simple platformer style game where you need to find a key hidden somewhere around the level. The only catch is that the entire map is black. This means the only way to see your way around is to light yourself on fire and get to your destination before ou go out and cannot see anything again. 

This build is still in Development and move levels will be coming.

Install instructions

Download instructions for .Zip file:

Download the Zip file and unzip it. Then go into that folder and double click on the .exe file if a warning comes up press "More Info" then "Run Anyway"

Download instructions for .Exe file:

Download the file and open it, if a warning comes up then press "More Info" then "Run Anyway" and it should go away. Then you will be able to follow the installer instructions.

Setup instructions:

To setup game, once it is downloaded choose the resolution, quality, and inputs from the Configuration window. Then click play!


Illuminus.zip 13 MB
Illuminus Setup x86.exe 10 MB

Development log


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I loved this game! Great calming atmosphere.

really nice game and a calming music ^_^

Deleted 2 years ago